Trimester tasks

The Best Trimester Tasks To-Do List in Pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant and in your First Trimester, there will be a lot going in your mind regarding the things to be taken care & what are the tasks to be done in each trimester. Look no further. Here is an ultimate list of tasks that will help you prioritize the different tasks to be done. Click on each of the trimester list to go to that particular list of tasks.

First Trimester To-Do List

First Trimester

In this section you will be able to go through all the tasks relating to your First Trimester. Go through each one of them slowly & understand what each task mean for you. All the Best.

Second Trimester To-Do List

second trimester

This section talks about different to-do lists in your mid pregnancy timeline.

Third Trimester To-Do List

third trimester

Well Done ….. You are in your last Trimester. Get ready to relax & take time for your self. Read in this section about the few last minute tasks to be carried out.

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