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16 Ultimate Tips for Baby Bath (Sponge Bath & Regular Bath)

As new parents one thinks about how to give a newborn baby bath. Bathing a newborn for the first time is in itself a wonderful moment to cherish. In a way it is like hitting a parental milestone. How difficult or easy will it be? Well lets see how it is to give your newborn a nice baby bath.

Newborn Baby Bath
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Sponge Bath – A good start to a newborn baby bath

Some of the pediatricians recommend cleaning your baby with a sponge bath until the umbilical cord heals and falls off which usually is a week or 2. Sponge bath is similar to a regular baby bath, just without outing your baby in water.

sponge bath
1. Get everything ready

Get all the things needed for sponge baby bath. Water in a container. Sponge/cotton balls, Towel, damp washcloth, clean diaper, moisturizer and clean clothes.

2. Lay your baby on Flat surface

Lay your baby on a soft towel on a flat surface. It could also be the baby’s changing table (I had used the changing table for the sponge bath). You could also use a flatbed or floor. Support your baby’s head and limbs throughout.

3. Clean around each eye

First clean around each eye from the inside corner outward – with a separate cotton ball dipped in warm water.

warm baby
4. Keep your baby covered with a towel to stay warm:

Always keep baby covered with a towel so that baby does not feel cold. Uncover only the area you are washing. Dip a warm, wet washcloth in a little baby wash, then wash and rinse baby’s face, arms, legs, tummy and diaper area, in that order. Always clean the diaper area from front to back. Clean the umbilical stump, separately, with a cotton ball dipped in clean water. 

5. Cleaning newborn’s hair

If your newborn baby has hair, clean it with baby wash and rinse with a soft washcloth and clean water. Try not to rub baby’s head or hair too much as baby’s head is quiet delicate to touch.

When you start using Baby Wash for your baby, I would recommend Aveeno Baby Wash. It is very gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

6. Dry pat your baby

Next, dry your baby in similar order as washing—from head to toe. Dry thoroughly, without rubbing too hard. Then wrap your baby in a dry, hooded towel.

7. Apply moisturizer

Once the sponge bath is over and your baby is pat dry, use a moisturizing lotion all over baby’s body.

It is very important to use moisturizer to keep your baby’s skin well hydrated so it does not get dry. Thus it becomes very essential for you to choose the very best product for your baby’s delicate skin.

I recommend Eco-friendly Child Farm products for taking care of your newborn’s basic needs

8. Wear baby clean clothes

After applying moisturizer on your baby’s body, wear your baby clean clothes.

That sums up our procedure for a nice Sponge Baby Bath

You can also check this link for more reference on Sponge bath

Baby’s First Bath: Sponge, Tubs, Soap, and More (

Giving your newborn baby a regular bath

baby bath

Once the umbilical cord is healed & drops off, you can give your baby a regular bath with water. Your newborn baby will not need to take bath everyday initially. Three times in a week is enough to start with. If you feel your baby is happy with the bathing process, you can start bathing your baby more often.

Remember, Every baby is different & you will soon find out what is best for your baby. Try understanding the little cues that your baby will give you.

1. Get everything ready for the bath first.

Get all the things needed for the bath. The infant tub or basin, warm water, towel, baby bath soap / body wash, diaper, clean clothes.

There are so many choices when you look at different bath tubs for your newborn. This is the one that I used for my baby. I like it’s sling-style which is very good for newborns & then you can even use it when the baby outgrows the sling stage. I would highly recommend this one.

2. Fill warm water in the baby bath tub

Fill in the tub with 2inches of warm water. Always check the water temperature in the tub before you put your baby in it. The normal practice is to check it by dipping your elbow into the water as it is possible for your hand to cope with higher temperature.


Most important thing to be noted, DO NOT leave your baby alone in the water for any reason, be it to get the door, answer a phone call or any other distraction. Always be with the baby. That’s the reason you need to keep the bath supplies within your hands reach.

4. Place baby in warm water

Once you’ve undressed your baby, place her in the water immediately so she doesn’t get chilled. Use one of your hands to support her head and the other to guide her in, feet first. Gently lower the rest of her body until she’s in the tub. Most of her body and face should be well above the water level for safety, so you’ll need to pour warm water over her body frequently to keep her warm. 

5. Use baby soap or baby body wash

Use very mild baby soap or body wash & apply very lightly & sparingly. Your baby does not need a lather full of soap.

baby bath
6. Clean baby with damp cloth

Gently clean your baby with a damp cloth starting with face first, then going downwards your baby’s body. Do not rub hard on your baby’s skin or head. Clean the genital area. Wash her top to bottom

7. Let baby have fun time in the bath

If your baby is enjoying the bath you can let your baby stay in the tub for sometime. But not too long as your baby can feel chilled.

bay clothes
8. Pat dry your baby

Take baby off the tub & pat dry using a hooded towel. Keep your baby warm. Once your baby is dry, apply baby moisturizing lotion & then wear clothes to your baby.

So that’s how you give a normal bath to your baby. Kudos on reaching this parental milestone.

For more reference on giving your baby a regular baby bath you can visit this link .

Baby’s First Bath: Sponge, Tubs, Soap, and More (

For all your Newborn’s Nappy Changing Essentials Check Below

Nappy Changing Essentials

Is there any best time to bathe baby?

Frankly speaking there is no perfect time to bathe your baby as such.

The time you pick to bathe your baby should be the time that you can completely devote your attention to your baby without any kind of disturbances. Baby bath time is the time baby needs your full attention. So get your baby prepared for the bath after you can give your full fledged attention & time.

I normally gave bath to both my babies, after their first feeding of the day. That said be sure their tummy is not completely filled or there are chances that they might throw up during the bath. I had their bath routine set. Firstly I used to feed them a little, just to take their hunger away & then get them ready for their bath. It is always better to bathe baby when they are not hungry, so that their bath time can remain fun time for both you & baby.

Try to avoid bathing baby when they are sleepy. But you can try to include it in your baby’s bed time routine after they are about 3+ months.

Here is a link from NHS giving details on bathing a newborn baby

Here is a video to show how to bathe a newborn baby. Hope that helps.

NHS – How to Bathe a Newborn Baby

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  1. Great post, I don’t have a baby yet but I know when it comes to it, I’ll be reading so many articles like this to get me ready. There’s so many things that you don’t really think too much about beforehand, I feel like I’m going to be so clueless to begin with! Thanks for sharing this, very helpful!

    1. Thank you so much. I know when it comes to baby basics, how much ever you read, it feels like you need more knowledge in it. Appreciate your comment 🙂

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  5. Love this post.

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  6. Aw these are such good tips, especially for new parents 🙂 thank you for sharing x

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