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Decorate Your Living Room in Style with BGA Store – Review

Hi Friends, Welcome back.

Today I have come up with a different kind of review. I am going to tell you regarding my recent shopping with BGA Store.

BGA Store approached me with the thought of collaborating for a review of some of their products.

If you are a regular reader of my blogs you would know that I am looking to buy a house. My house hunt is still ongoing. So, when BGA store contacted me, I thought that it would be an excellent opportunity to purchase some stuff for my new living room, in advance.

Photo by Terje Sollie:

I chose some lovely products from the huge variety of products that are available from the BGA Store.

So, let me show you which products I purchased to Decorate my Living Room

KAILA Mirror Chique

BGA Store Mirror
KAILA Mirror Chique

Look at this beautiful mirror. It is a Stylish mirror from KAILA, with a beautiful wavy shape. The timeless design of the wall mirror is perfect for both the bedroom and living room. The mirror has a classic design with thin uncoloured mirror glass and a wall bracket for easy hanging.

When we saw the mirror after unpacking, I was completely in awe of its beauty. Its wavy shape and huge size gave it a magnificent look.

Another thing that I was concerned about was if there had been any damage to the mirror as it was a fragile item. I was relieved that it was intact & there wasn’t any damage to the mirror.

If you have also liked this mirror go ahead & buy it here

Cushion Cover Namaste

Cushion Cover Namaste – Black

Another lovely product from BGA store – these gorgeous cushion covers. I wanted to get new cushion covers to replace my old ones. These are perfect.

These cushion covers from the Swedish brand Fondaco come in different colour tones, with decorative flowers. It has decorative tassels in the corner, giving the whole cover an elegant look.

Don’t take my word for it. You must buy it to actually understand & view its quality.

You can buy them here

Modern Living Collage Frame Oak

Yet another product worth a look at is the wooden collage frame.

BGA STore Collage frame
Collage Photo Frame in Oak

As you can see this is such a wonderful keepsake collage for your loveliest of memories to go on those wooden oak frames. You can get many more choices for collage frames at BGA Store.

There are so many different types of home decor products at BGA Store, that you are spoiled for choice.

So after my living room shopping, I thought, why not try other products relating to Bedroom & Bathroom.

Bedroom & Bathroom products that I purchased

duvet cover set

Duvet Cover Set

I bought this duvet cover set for my daughter’s duvet. This is very special for her as it will be her first as she will be moving from her crib to her day bed.

You can check all the Bedroom textiles here

Towel Basic Terrycloth

Terry Cloth Towels

After the Living room & Bedroom, it was time to buy a Bathroom product. So I chose a towel. BGA store has a choice of different colours of pure 100% cotton soft terrycloth towels.

These smooth terry cloth bath towels from the brand Borganäs measure 65×130 cm. They are made from 100% cotton and have decorative, inwoven stripes at the edges. These towels come in several colours.

You can shop for all the Bathroom textile products here.

I hope you have a fabulous shopping experience with BGA Store just as I had with them. They have good quality products filled with elegance & style.

You can visit their website for more products at BGA Store

BGA Store review
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I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing about it. Do share your living room & home decor ideas by commenting below. I love to read your feedback. So please share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading & see you in my next blog.

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  1. This is a great post! We really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting

  2. I love interior decor! Are you refreshing your existing living room or doing a complete overhaul? Also, congrats on your little one moving to a big kid bed!
    Crystal |

    1. Crystal. This is an advance shopping for the new living room 🙂 Thanks for reading & commenting

  3. Some cute items you got! My favourite is the mirror. It’s different from what we usually see and yet so classy. Loved it! It gives both a fun and elegant touch! Good luck with your house hunt, I hope you find the right place for you soon ♥️

    1. Ditto. I too loved the mirror & especially because of its shape. Thanks for your feedback Vanessa.

  4. This is getting me excited! I can’t wait to move and decorate my own home on day 🙂

    xo, Willow

    1. That’s great Willow. Thanks for your feedback

  5. What fun! I love shopping for things for the house. So many great things to choose from. I think my favorite from your items is the picture frame. I need something like that. I wish you well on your house hunt. When you find the right place, you will have some great new things to give it a special touch!

    ~ Cassie

    1. Thanks, Cassie for your feedback. The picture frame is really lovely.

  6. I love some of the items you showed, especially that beautiful mirror! And the duvet cover as well, it can make such a difference to a bedroom.

    1. We all loved the mirror & my daughter is happy with her new duvet cover. Thanks for your feedback.

  7. I love the ideas and decor items you’ve shared here; they definitely would uplift and beautifully remake and room. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh Thank you Molly for the lovely words. Appreciate your feedback.

  8. Love the mirror and the college frame.

  9. So many great ideas. I love looking at home decor and ideas online. I can’t wait until I am able to have my own home and do it. Thank you for sharing.


  10. The mirror and the collage frame are my favorite picks of yours. Thank you for sharing your review and these beautiful items.

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