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Clever Champs: The Missing Moon – Personalised Book Review

We were sent this lovely personalised book from Clever Champs for a review. The book was gifted to us but all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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Clever Champs
Clever Champs

About Clever Champs

Clever Champs‘ mission is to create a love for reading through crafted stories that inspire curiosity through personalised STEM (Science, Technology, English & Maths) education. Clever Champs blend adventure with education so it’s learning through play for the kids.

Clever Champs aim to make Science stories engaging & interesting rather than boring. Clever Champs came up with the personalised books so as to get the kids off-screen time & into reading.

As the kids see themselves in the characters of the story it is easy for them to get engaged in reading this book.

We love personalised stuff for our family & Clever Champs offers personalised books. So win-win for both of us.

About the personalised book

Clever Champs currently offer two books for personalisation. You can customise and personalise the characters in the stories. You can have 1 or 2 characters in the Missing Moon book & 1 to 4 characters in the Trapped Turtle book. Clever Champs have woven unique stories in these books to teach kids about the world beyond their known world. They have done this very beautifully while taking their journey of learning through Science, Technology, English & Maths (STEM).

One might think it must be time-consuming & tedious to order this personalised book. But let me assure you that it is very easy & not at all time-consuming. Clever Champs have made it very easy for anyone to order this personalised book.

You can personalise the book in a few easy steps as follows:

Step 1 – Choose the number of characters you want in the book

Step 2 – Customise characters

In customization of characters, you have the option of selecting gender, skin colour, eyes colour, hairstyle & hair colour

Step 3 – Choose Hardcover or Paperback (We chose Hardcover)

Step 4 – Lastly you get to add a personalised message for the kids (Isn’t that fabulous !!)

Voila, your book is ready !!!!!!!!!

Our thoughts about Clever Champs Book

We all know that kids today are so occupied with screens that it is difficult to get them to play with toys or read books.

The achievement of Clever Champs books is that it gives kids the feeling that they are part of the story when they read these personalised books. The story in these books revolves around the characters that we can personalise.

We chose the Missing Moon story where we could personalise 2 characters for my son Dhruv & daughter Ria.

clever champs review
Dhruv & Ria loved the book

Dhruv & Ria were actually over the moon to see their names written on the book. They loved it a lot and started reading the book immediately.

We all loved the book. The story is very gripping & engaging and is supported by beautiful illustrations which make you part of the story, especially because you can see your kids in the story playing the characters.

This is the best way to get the kids off TV, tab & phone.

The kids are happy and so are you.

personalised book
Ria is delighted to get this book

I am sure you would love to buy one of the Clever Champs books for your little ones.

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Also, don’t forget to check out the amazing freebies offered by Clever Champs here

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I hope you love your own personalised book by Clever Champs. And after you do please comment below & let us know all about it. If you share with us the pics of your personalised Clever Champs books along with your story about Clever Champs (experience & feedback) we will publish them on our blog.

To share your Clever Champs book pictures along with your feedback & experience please email us at admin@starstream1130

Don’t forget to use the 15% discount code RUPALI81886 at Clever Champs

Happy Reading

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  1. Oh, this is such a sweet and incredible initiative. It sounds like a very interesting option to explore and incentivize kids to read and learn about STEM. Loved the pictures, they sure do look happy and amused. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Vanessa. I also feel it is a very good initiative. Kids learn about STEM in a playful manner.Thanks for commenting on the blog.

  2. This sounds like an interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting

  3. These books are so sweet. Got something similar at my baby shower and my son still reads “his book” lol

    1. Aww that is so sweet. Maybe you can get one from Clever Champs too, so he can have one more ‘his book’ to read. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  4. This is such an engaging gift! Personalized books make very thoughtful gifts. Your kids are precious!

    1. Aww, thank you so much for the lovely words 🙂

  5. It wasn’t this company but we did a personalized book before for Christmas with our kids a few years ago. Kids seeing themselves in stories is always a good attention-getter. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I know!! They love seeing them as the characters in their storybook. That way they are more interested in reading.

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