A warm Welcome to my Blog, Mom Kid Life

I thought a thought came to my mind,

I wrote a thought that was mine,

You stopped and read that thought of mine,

I am glad & thankful to your thoughtful mind …….

Rupali Paul – Mom Kid Life

Thanks for stopping by to read all that Mom Kid Life has to offer to its readers.

I started writing this blog during the pandemic with the thought of penning down my experiences through my two pregnancies in two different countries & parenting thereafter.

This Blog is essentially not just my experiences but also as a support for other moms who might find these articles helpful in their journey through pregnancy & parenthood.

To make it even more resourceful for readers of Mom Kid Life, I have also written some useful guides for Pregnant women & Parenting.

I would like to encourage you, to go ahead and read all the related blogs. I am sure you will definitely gain some valuable inputs from the contents of the blog.

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