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The Ultimate List of 10 Priority Tasks for Third Trimester

Wow the Third Trimester is finally here! Didn’t it take like ages to get to Third Trimester ???? Of course it did ….

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Third Trimester

But relax as your third trimester is here, the worry part is going to get over & excitement is going to start. So how excited are you to see your baby, hold your baby & shower your baby with all the LOVE of a MOTHER. Yes once this third trimester is over, You will be a MOM.

So keeping this excitement in mind, lets go through the to-do list for your third trimester. Here are our TOP 11 Tasks for Third Trimester

1. Keep track of your Baby’s movements

It is very important that during these few weeks of your third trimester you must monitor the movements of your baby. In case you feel that baby is not moving as often as the baby should, you should immediately consult your mid-wife or GP

Baby shopping

2. More Baby shopping

Oh my God how much should you shop for your new bundle of joy. Well, how much ever you shop you still have the feeling of having left out on something.

That’s the very reason you should make the shopping list of your baby’s essential needs. So that you know you have covered all the areas.

So apart from baby clothes & diapers, you will also need to setup the nursery with the baby bed & mattress and changing table. You will need to research an infant car seat & a stroller/buggy. Once you buy the car seat do learn how to install it so that there is no panic in the last minute. The list is ever so exhausting that I will have to write it down in another section.


3. Birth Plan

Develop a birth plan if you haven’t done so already. There are many considerations to think of while coming up with your baby’s birth plan. You will have to write down the plan relating to labour, support companion, props, medication and lots more to discuss.

4. Keep Fit


In all the chores relating to baby, DO NOT forget to KEEP FIT. Due to increase in weight, there might be extra pressure on your legs & back. You need to keep doing simple light exercises after consulting with your GP or mid-wife. Try sleeping on your side during the night or for day time naps.

5. Braxton Hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks are when the womb contracts and relaxes. Your uterine muscles are flexing to get your body prepared for labour. So these are not the actual contractions & not every pregnant woman gets it. You have to understand the difference between Braxton Hicks & actual labour contractions. Braxton Hicks are not painful but can give you some discomfort , back pain or even sleepless nights. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to consult your GP or mid-wife.


6. Pack your hospital bag

It’s time you pack your hospital bag NOW. Your baby will be seeing this world very soon. You need to pack stuff for the baby, yourself and your birth partner. Apart from the hospital bag you also need to pack the baby’s diaper bag.

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You can try this backpack Diaper bag from John Lewis to pack baby stuff

Skip Hop Main Frame Changing Backpack, Black at John Lewis & Partners

7. Relax & try getting that much wanted sleep


After going through all the hard work, you need to take time & relax. Your baby understands that mom is exhausted. Try getting some sleep. Do get some comfortable pregnancy pillows to help you get proper sleep. Do some meditation & listen to some soothing music. Talk to your baby. Your baby can now hear you & trust me your baby loves your voice.

8. Get your support system ready

Call in as many helpers as you can. No time to feel guilty now. All your helpers will be happy to help you out. Family & friends will be more than willing to get you ready for your labour. I had called my family members to help me out during both my pregnancies. They were also excited to welcome the new addition in the family.

9. Grocery shopping

I know this sounds a bit weird. But in all the baby & mommy shopping lets not forget to stock up on enough groceries as  you may not get enough time to go to the supermarket for grocery shopping once the baby comes out. Try stocking in stuff which can be used for weeks ahead. You can try stocking up on tinned food, frozen food, etc.

10. Baby Shower

Well well … I know Baby Shower can be something which your partner might take care of. In fact you might be even surprised by a surprise baby shower by friends. Whatever the case, I think you might still be ready with your best pregnancy outfit specially bought for the baby shower ceremony.

11. Get Ready, Its TIME

Get on with the last minute chores –

  • Wash & dry new baby clothes
  • Get your baby announcements ready
  • Get the phone numbers & emails of family & friends handy to tell everyone the good news
  • Think of a name for your baby. Be ready with names for both genders.
  • Install the car seat
  • Keep your camera ready with full batteries

Now you are prepared for welcoming your new bundle of joy. It’s an achievement to have come so far. Be proud, your baby is just round the corner waiting to see YOU

Third trimester task
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  1. I kept fit by going to zumba classes until I was 37 weeks pregnant… hoped it would mean she would make an early-ish appearance. Little monkey was 16 days late!

    1. Hahaha. You never know what’s in store. We can only try ????

  2. These are such useful tips. I have heard that the third trimester is always the most stressful time of pregnancy. These are great tips that would be useful for any pregnant woman.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback

  3. What a great Article!

    1. Thank you, Farah. Appreciate your feedback.

  4. This is a wonderful article about being in your third trimester. I really tried to stay as fit as I could by daily walks. I definitely remember Braxton Hicks. Also preparing a bag and support.

    Pastor Natalie

    1. Thanks for your feedback & for sharing your experience ????

  5. Great tips.

    I like the stocking up on food one. Such an important tip. Visiting the supermarket is not on the agenda when you’ve had a few hours sleep & look like a zombie!

    1. oh yes … these are such important tips for pregnant women. Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Great blog! So related but sometimes it’s hard to get this all down in writing. Going so share this with friends!

    1. Thanks Christina, really appreciate it.

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