First Trimester

Ultimate First Trimester List of Top 8 Tasks

First Trimester

Your baby is changing & growing day by day from the start of the first trimester & your body needs to cope up with that. Just like each Baby is different so is each Mommy. Each one has their own experiences that they undergo during each of the trimester or the whole 9 months of pregnancy. During the first trimester, some might have symptoms like nausea, tiredness, breast tenderness, cravings etc. Again each pregnancy is different. You may or may not have each & every symptom.

Just to tell you my experience, throughout my trimester I did not have any symptoms of nausea or cravings in my first trimester during both my pregnancies. But one of my friends had a very bad problem of nausea in her first trimester of pregnancy. So, you see there are no compulsory symptoms as such apart from tenderness in breasts & fatigue.

Try not to panic or take stress. In your first trimester, give your body a good rest, relax & do those activities which make you happy. A happy mom can keep her baby & family happy.

And to keep the Mommy happy & healthy we have some of to-do list of tasks during each trimester which we will go through one by one

1. Start taking Folic Acid tablets. Some might also need to take Vitamin D tablets

Folic Acid Benefits:

Folic acid
  • plays a major role in protecting your unborn baby from neural tube defects such as spina bifida in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy.
  • reducing the risk of congenital heart defects, gestational diabetes and preterm labour
  • helps in preventing some birth defects

Note: Before taking the tablets, do check with your mid-wife or GP the amount of folic acid & Vitamin D to be taken.

2. Start a healthy pregnancy diet.

Think of which food items should be consumed & which food items should be avoided

Food items to be avoided:
  • Raw, undercooked or contaminated sea food, meat, poultry & eggs
  • Avoid seafood with high mercury content
  • Unpasteurized foods like unpasteurized milk, unpasteurized cheese or unpasteurized juice
  • Avoid excess amounts of caffeine
  • It is best to avoid alcohol
  • It is not a healthy practice to eat unwashed vegetables
Food items to be had during pregnancy:
Healthy eating
  • Fruits – Have different variety of fruits which provide good amount of vitamins, minerals & fibre
  • Vegetables – Green leafy vegetables should be had in good quantity so as to get good amount of fibre, Vitamins A, B, C, E & K and also abundance of potassium magnesium and calcium.
  • Oily fish is good as it provides for good amount of vitamins, minerals & protein
  • Starchy foods like bread, pasta, rice
  • Dairy products like milk, yogurt & cheese contain calcium needed for you & your unborn baby

3. Have a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol & smoking

Old habits die hard. And some are just very difficult to quit. But for a healthy mom & baby you need to give up on alcohol & smoking. That’s a must.

4. Start some pregnancy friendly exercise

It’s a myth that you cannot or should not exercise during pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy not only keeps you fit but also helps you during labour & delivery. It refreshes your mind. Also there are various forms of exercise that one can do like yoga, pilates and swimming. You can also go for brisk walk. Just to be sure, it is always better to consult with your doctor & check the kind of exercises that you can do.

5. Find about various tests & scans that will be required & their timelines

Do check with your GP or mid-wife what tests & scans are required & when they are due. Do jot them in your calendar. You do not want to miss any of them. Also do check if you need to take flu or whooping cough vaccination.

6. Check on a dental appointment

Do make your dental appointment in case you have bleeding gums due to build up of plague on your teeth. During pregnancy, the hormonal changes tend to make the gums vulnerable to plague.

7. Book on your ante natal classes early on (I had missed mine, so don’t neglect. Book before they run out of slots.)

These classes give you loads of information relating to your pregnancy, baby, & hospital routines for labour & birth.

8. Try to relax & stay hydrated.

It is very important that you keep yourself hydrated as lot of water is flushed out of your body due to frequent urinations during pregnancy. Rest as much as possible. Try meditation & listening to harmonious & soothing music. The sound of soothing music has a positive impact on your baby. I used to listen to different kind of music like Garbh Sanskaar, devotional songs & meditational music.

For Garbh Sanskaar Music (Soothing music for your unborn baby) check out this link

Garbh Sanskar Music Playlist: Best Garbh Sanskar MP3 Songs on

So do you feel much relaxed now? Lets see what Second Trimester has in store for you.

Friends, if you find the above information useful, do share with your friends & family who might benefit from this information.

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  1. These are very useful do’s and don’ts. Have shared on my fb wall.

    1. Thanks for your feedback & share. Appreciate it????

  2. Good advice! Also important to note that folic acid doesn’t work for people with the MTHFR gene mutation; they need folate, instead.

    1. Oh Thanks for your feedback.

  3. These are great suggestions for first trimester mamas!

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

  4. These are good do’s and don’t advice for soon to be mom. Did some of the do’s during my pregnancy too

    1. Thats great. It’s also good to know that the suggestions mentioned are helpful. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Seriah Sargenton says:

    Thank you for this information. Definitely sharing this with some mommy friends.

    1. Thank you Seriah for your feedback.

  6. The dental appointments are so necessary, I can remember when I was pregnant, my teeth moved a little. Your body goes through so many changes; such a great post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Lou for your feedback. I do agree with you on the dental appointments. Thanks

  7. This seems like some great advice for expectant mums; I’ll be passing this on to those I know as I am sure they will find this encouraging and supportive — thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for the support. Appreciate your feedback.

  8. Thank you for sharing this! This seems like a great list for new mums!

    1. Glad you liked it. Thanks for your feedback

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