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Pregnant? Good news is here

And so Congratulations are Due here ???? Lets celebrate Being Pregnant

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Since you are browsing this section, I am assuming you are in your family way or maybe planning on one.

If you have already received your Good News then my heartiest Congratulations to you.

Mixed Feelings

I know that knowing that you are pregnant brings with itself mixed feelings & emotions. The would-be mommy undergoes not only physical changes but also goes through a lot of psychological turmoil. Various emotions & thoughts keep creeping. Lots of questions going inside the head. But don’t worry. That’s normal and You are not Alone, and you will get a lot of help from various supporters – Partner/Spouse , Doctor, Mid-wives, Parents, In-laws, friends & family and of course from many mommies across the world sharing their personal experiences through social media. So never think you are alone. Help is a call or a click away ????

So Relax & Smile – We are in this together.

The good news is here & so are we,

To help each other when the need be.

Together we will sail by each tide

And see the birth of a new Life

Well, now that we are Relaxed, lets go through the symptoms of Being Pregnant.

1. Missed Period

Well the earliest & the most obvious symptom is missing your menstrual period. Some pregnant ladies do have light bleeding or spotting in the First Trimester. It is called Implantation Bleeding. But it is normal and does not amount to period. So there is no need to panic.

2. Morning Sickness

It is very common for pregnant ladies to feel sick & vomit. This symptom of nausea & vomiting during early days of pregnancy is called Morning Sickness. It can happen during any time of the day or night. To get some ease, drink plenty of water and take plenty of Rest.

For more information on Morning Sickness & it’s severity in certain conditions please see the link below

Vomiting and morning sickness – NHS (


3. Frequent urination

Frequent & sometimes painful urination is another symptom of being pregnant. You might need to go for peeing for more than normal times as the baby weight puts extra pressure on your urinary bladder. In some cases of painful urination, the cause could be UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. If your have painful wees, I suggest you see your GP or mid-wife for proper investigation of the cause of the pain.

4. Sore Breast

During pregnancy, your breasts can get tender to touch & bigger in size. You might need to buy a bra with 1 or 2 size bigger than your normal size.

5. Tiredness & fatigue

There are so many changes happening inside your body that it literally drains your body & causes fatigue. Not only your body but there is a lot of emotional turmoil going inside you. So, it is very important especially during your first trimester that you get good amount of rest. Calm your self & try to meditate. This can help relieve you of some mental tiredness.


6. Cravings

Pregnancy in some might bring strange cravings. You can crave for foods you most despise. You might not even like the smell of your most favorite food. There is change of smell & taste during pregnancy which can be very weird at times.

The above mentioned were the early symptoms of pregnancy.

Now, lets calculate your due date

Due Date Calculator

Due Date Calculator
When did your last period start?
Generally, how long are your cycles?
Calculate your due date
Your baby is likely to be born on or around*
*Only your physician can accurately determine your due date or the date of your conception based on his/her knowledge of your complete medical condition.
Change my informations
In partnership with Clearblue®.

Now that you know what the due date of your baby is, go to the next step & talk to your Doctor / Gynaecologist / GP / Midwife, depending on the country norms that you reside in. Different countries have a different process of pregnancy (antenatal) care. So now is the time to think about the wellness of your & baby’s health. Let’s go through some New Parent To-Do List and Birthing Decisions

Friends, if you find the above information useful, do share with your friends & family who might benefit from this information.

Also let me know about your experiences & what do you feel about my blog by commenting in the comments section. If you want to email me your feedback or want to just drop me a hello & a message feel free to email me at

All your comments, suggestions & messages are welcome ????????

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