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The Ultimate List of 16 Types of Dads

Ever thought about Different Dad Types?

What do you mean by different types of dads? What are their traits & qualities?

Let’s find out…

Lately, I was just wondering as to how the role of Dads has changed over different generations. I remember in my childhood days, dads were more of just the bread earner types & moms were the ones to take care of kids.

But with changing times, there has been a change or shift in the role of a dad. A Father is no longer just a bread earner in the house. He has much more to contribute.

Today’s Dad, I think is more engaging with kids. Of course, there are exceptions. But by far, I think Dad’s today are more like a friend to their kids than what dads were during my childhood days (circa the 80s -90s)

Dad, you were the first one to take me in your arms

I felt the tremble of your hands in order to not hurt me

But then felt the firm support of reassurance

Of a Protector, Supporter, My Hero ….. My Father

By – Rupali Paul (Mom Kid Life)

So let’s see the different Dad types that we can spot in today’s times :

dad types
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1. Gamer Type of Dad

In today’s digital & technology age kids are found playing more on their consoles & mobile than on a playground. So this Gamer Dad joins in with his kids in their playroom & plays the kind of games his kids like to play.

Frankly speaking, I am still not able to get my head around with this X-Box thingy that my teenager plays every day. But our Gamer Dad makes sure he not only understands these online games but also tries to be a good partner or even a competitor to their kids who love being hooked to these consoles.

I am sure every kid in today’s generation would love to have a Gamer Type of Dad

2. Workaholic Father

Well, not all dads will get down and play with their kids. Some dads just can’t be bothered. They will keep doing their work no matter what. So that’s your workaholic dad.

These dad types are always busy with their work & not necessarily just office work. It could just be any other work too that keeps them busy. One can expect to get less bonding time with these dad types.

Since it gets difficult to find time with a workaholic type of dad, you have to really grab up every opportunity of bonding with him. Also, try & get him to relax once in a while.

3. Gardener Father

Who loves gardening? Well, certainly our next type of dad. Right from the sowing of seeds to watering the plants, lawn mowing & everything gardening is what our Gardener Father would love to do. And he will not hesitate to tag along with kids in gardening work.

Doing gardening work along with your kids gives a sense of bonding between dad & kids and is also a very good activity for kids. That will help to take them off those gaming consoles for some time.

4. Happy -go-lucky Father

Oh, I love these kinds of Dads. They are just happy whatever happens. I feel they are the most optimistic dad types. They like to live their life to the fullest each day as it comes.

They are a no-stress dad. Also, it is not very difficult to please such a father. Who would not love this Happy-Go-Lucky Father?

Since these dad types are a bit rare to find, I would love to know if you have a Happy-Go-Lucky type of dad. Don’t forget to comment in the comment box.

5. Strict Father

Now as the name says it all, this Dad type is more of a serious type. Almost opposite of our chilled Happy-Go-Lucky Dad type. He is a dad who will not take any kind of nonsense & can be a bit hard to please.

According to Strict Father Model, children learn from the reward & punishment and become more self-reliant & self-disciplined.

6. Emotional & Loving Father

I have clubbed Emotional & Loving together because they both are quite similar. A Loving Dad is Emotional & an Emotional Dad is Loving. These types of dads have a very close bond with their kids. They are very caring by nature & want the best for their little babies.

This type of dad will also comfort & reassure their kids that they are in safe hands & will also be loved & cared for.

7. Dramatic Dad Type

Hmmm well, who loves some drama in their house? The Dramatic Dad types will surely love that. This type of dad tends to act & do things in an over the top manner. They tend to be loud & pompous creating a very dramatic effect.

8. Super Relaxing Father

Now, this type of dad is more of a cool dad. They are relaxed (lazy at times) who do things in their own leisure time. These are the ones who like to procrastinate things.

Beware & remind them of the Fees deadline. Just kidding ????

9. DIY Father

I love this DIY Dad type. They are just so handy. You want to get anything done, he is your man. Literally!! Get things sorted in a jiffy.

Having a DIY type of dad makes you also learn a few tips & tricks while growing up. That’s a skill you learn for a lifetime! These types of Dads love to teach DIY skills to their kids.

10. Bookworm Father

Our next Dad type is an avid reader. No matter what his head will be found inside a book. He may be anywhere but will always have his books with him. Even in the toilet.

And you will not find a bookworm dad without his Bookmark & Reading Journal to jot down all favourite books, What to read next, reading logs, etc.

11. Adventurous Father

I am sure kids will love this Dad type. The Adventurous type of Father is one who loves going on adventures & travel to different places. This kind of dad is looking for excuses to go on a holiday. So tell me, which kid will not like going on holiday?

These dad types love road trips & don’t mind doing the planning, booking, packing chores which some other types of dads may hate doing.

So who wants to hit the road?

12. Superhero Father (Movie Buff)

Wow Superhero Father? That’s nice. I am a movie buff myself & I would love to be treated with nice movies every now & then. I am sure the kids of a Movie Buff Father must be feeling the same.

13. Eco-Friendly Dad

Beware of anything that is Non-Eco Friendly. Dad might not like it. Not that Eco-Friendly Dad is not the cool type. They love lots of stuff which are eco friendly.

Also, these days you have many options available for a sustainable eco-friendly life. That is something that these dads have been looking for for a while now.


14. Soccer Dad

Some dads are okay if you suck at sports but for some, it may hurt their soul. That’s your sports enthusiast Soccer Dad type. These types of dads encourage their kids to participate in all different kinds of sports activities. They take an active interest in the overall fitness of their kids and the entire family.

15. The Forgetful Father

Yes you read it right. Do you know the traits of a Forgetful Father. Lets hope he doesn’t get another kid home from school thinking that’s his kid. Jokes apart, you really need to watch over these kinds of dads because their forgetfulness can cost you dearly.
So kids need to get or do something that will help a Forgetful Father where his stuff is ???? Maybe setting up some reminders on his phone or getting him some journal so he can check on things in the journal.

16. Spiritual Father

We also have Spiritual Father who is happy in having inner peace & harmony. Who loves to meditate & do some yoga. Loves to strive for his betterment & the betterment of his family through soul searching. He loves to contribute positivity within the society at large & helps his kids be better human beings.

dad type
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Well, whatever type of Dad you have but a Father is a Father. The love & emotion will always be there.

They may not say it that often, but your Dad will Always Love you & YOU know it.

Now that you know what different types of dads are and why not read about Why Dads Matter?

I hope you have had a wonderful life & experience growing up with your dad. I would love to know about your feelings for your dad. Do comment below & feel free to express yourself & I would also like your feedback on this post.

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  1. All of these types of dads I feel like I have seen or met in my life. You describe each personality type so well.

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely feedback.

  2. Luke says:

    I have a little streak of every type in me ????
    Nice post, Rupsy

    1. Oh, I am sure Luke ????????
      On that note, I think I should have also included another type of dad – Naughty Dad ????
      Thanks, Luke for your feedback.

  3. I think I see myself the DIY dad in the future for love doing DIY crafts haha.

    1. So you must be quite a handy person. That’s fantastic. Thanks for your feedback

  4. Rachel says:

    I had an excellent dad who was combination of a few of these!

    1. Oh, that is wonderful Rachel. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. This is a great post! You describe the different types of dads so well!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Rebecca. Appreciate your feedback.

  6. Aira says:

    This is such a good read!

    1. Thank you, Aira

  7. My husband is a few of these, but definitely a DIY dad. What a fun post!

    1. Thanks, Cassie. I am glad you liked the post.

  8. My dad is the happy-go-lucky type. Thanks for adding this type of dad to the list.

    1. I am glad you liked it. Thanks for your feedback.

    2. I think many of these characteristics can be found in dads at different times in life. Early on, dads may be focused on providing for the family. Later in life, when it’s time to retire, dads may be more ready for travel and adventure.

      1. So true. With the change in age, one gets more maturity & thus often has a change of behaviour & attitude. That in turn changes the personality of the person. I think the same is the case with Dads. One person may have different personalities at different stages of their life. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  9. This was great to read as it made me think of some dads I know! With my own dad it’s kind of hard to pinpoint him in any of these types as he has absent for long stretches of my life and me in his life. We struggled a bit but he was what I would describe as a father who no matter how long it was or what was happening you could pick up right where you left off and he welcomed every aspect of that time together. I loved him dearly and know he loved me and my sister it was just never a relationship like most expect. He was deeply flawed, but he was one of the funniest, most understanding people I ever knew.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Highly appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Molly.

  10. I have met some of these types. I never knew my own dad but appreciate dads play a big role.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback.

  11. Love this post. I’ve met all these types of dad’s I think. My hubby is a mix of a few.


    1. That is so sweet. Thanks for your feedback ????

  12. Very interesting post! My husband is a gamer father, and a loving nurturer.
    My Dad was the workaholic, strict, DIY, loving father.
    Both are great fathers.

    1. That’s nice. You know the beauty of all this is that you have any type of dad, at the end of the day they are all great as fathers in their own unique style. Thanks for your feedback.

  13. As a stay at home Dad myself, I’d say I’m about 80% of these dad types rolled into 1.

    Roles have definitely changed, I’d like to think ‘we’ are more than just friends to our kids as we play just as big of a role as a stay at home mum does.

    Good read! I can relate to some of these from my late father. Especially the workaholic.

    1. You certainly seem to be like a fun dad. Thanks for your feedback.

  14. In my experience, most dads I know have a combination of these traits. I am an 80s kid and even my did tried to game with us. He was terrible at it, but he tried. Otherwise, he embodied most everything else on the list, which makes me pretty lucky.

    1. Yes, lucky you 🙂
      Thanks for your feedback

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