Valentines day gifts for mom

10 Best & Affordable Valentines Day Gifts for Mom From Sons & Daughters In 2023

Who celebrates Valentine’s Day? Surely you will say Couples in Love 💖

Well, couples are not the only ones who celebrate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is also celebrated by families. Thus, everyone is now looking to buy Valentines Day gifts for their loved & dear ones.

If you are reading this blog post, I think you are looking to buy Valentines Day gifts for Mom. And why not?

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.”

– William Makepeace Thackeray

Our Mom is our World. She does so much for us. Making her feel special is the least that we as children can do for our Mom.

And when Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, why not buy Valentines day gifts for Mom?

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Valentines Day Gifts For Mom

So let’s see the below recommendations for some Best & Affordable Valentines Day Gifts for Mom. I am sure you will find our recommendations are quiet unique.


1. Memorable Moments

Memories are precious, but you can’t purchase them. But you can re-create them using technology.

Photo gifts are such precious gifts that you can put a price tag on. We have used Photobox for prints, canvas, photo books & frames. I would highly recommend Photobox to everyone as a go to for personalised gifts.

We have also used Snapfish for prints & other photo gifts. They also have high quality products just like Photobox.

Another good thing to know is that they are having Valentine special deals on their website. So don’t forget to visit them.

Re-create precious moments for your very precious Mom.

2. Handcrafted Gifts

For beautiful & unique Valentines gifts for Mom you can gift her a handmade product made with love. That way you give a stunning gift made with love & care and you also help a small local business.

For handmade gifts I know of someone very special who makes gorgeous handmade gift items. She is now in her 70s & prepares special keepsake jewellery items which don’t cost a fortune. You can also request her for a particular bead or beads in the design to make it a unique gift for your Mom. You can check her shop Harvey Moon here. You must visit her online shop & encourage her.

Valentines day gift
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3. Spa Gift Set

Your Mom has done & still does so much for you. I think a pampering Spa gift set will be a perfect gift to relax & rejuvenate your mom’s tired body. This pampering bath gift set is made from the natural ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E that helps to nourish the skin and lock in moisture.

There are many pampering bath gift sets which can make your Mom’s day a truly relaxed Valentine Day.

You Mom will be very happy with this Valentine gift.

4. Scented Candles

I love scented candles. Even more so when I receive them as gifts.

Do you think your Mom will love this Valentines day gift?

Well, scented candles can be used in aromatherapy, relaxing, relieving stress or even for decoration. These scented candles does wonders to your mood & changes the overall atmosphere of your home.

These candles can also help Mom & Dad spice up their married life.


5. Handmade Brownies

I know what you are thinking. Why handmade brownies? My mom makes delicious brownies …. why would I want to buy them & whats so unique in handmade brownies????

Well, for starters these are Brownies made out of core natural ingredients – no preservatives added & it come with a combination of a greeting card for any occasion.

If you are looking for something different from your normal gift or for a very special person like your Mom you can buy them these handmade brownies with a personalised gift at Bake me a Gift 

6. Vegan Skin Care

There are many Moms out there who don’t like to use any kind of chemical based skin care products. They are always on the look out for natural, plant based, cruelty free vegan skin care products which are good for your skin, products that keep your skin healthy & fit. If your Mom is amongst those moms then you must gift your Mom Mio Skincare products.

They are currently also having a 50% off outlet items deals. Do check them out before they run out.

7. House Slippers

A good pair of house slippers is a must-have for all the moms running around the house doing their household chores. For relaxing those tired feet after a long day at work or after running those errands, these comfortable house slippers will surely do the trick.

8. Anti-Aging Memory Foam Beauty Pillow

Let’s admit to the facts of life. As your age grows, so does it starts showing on your face. How about an anti-ageing pillow? Yes, you read it right!

Is your Mom worried about her wrinkles, less sleep in the night, snoring, face creases & acne? Gift her this Valentine this unique Anti-aging pillow that claims to alleviate pressure on your face and skin, which can contribute to wrinkles, creases, acne, and overall ageing. 


They also claim to provide relief for pressure points by redistributing weight and providing contoured neck support to keep your head, neck, and shoulders at healthy angles while you sleep.

9. Mom’s Memory Journal

You know we have seen so many journals of Pregnancy, Bump to Baby, Baby milestones etc. But have we ever thought about knowing what your Mom’s childhood memories were?

This Valentine day gifts for Mom is a very unique journal where your mom will get to journey down her memory lane & re-visit her special moments in life. Let her tell Her Story through this Mom Journal or may be this one

So Mom is going to be busy jotting down her memories, in the meanwhile, you can compile & let her know why you love her in this journal


10. Love Love Love …….. Lots of Love

You don’t need to buy this unique gift. It is there always with you. All you have to do is. Show it & shower it on your MOM

Your Mom does not need any expensive gifts from her kids. All she needs is Love & Respect for her, for being Her.

Love your Mom, Cherish your Mom. She is much more precious than what you think.

I am dedicating this Blog to my Mom & all the Moms in this world. Love you Mom

I hope you have liked this blog post. Do share it with your friends & family. Also don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. Savita Basling Pol says:

    Every day is Mommy day. Without her no single day is beautiful.

    1. So true Savita. I totally agree with you. Moms are special & should be revered each day.Thank you so much for your lovely words.

  2. These are lovely gift ideas, of course number ten is always the most important for me 🥰🥰

    1. Yes, I agree with that. We all can do with some Love from our kids 💖 Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Love all of these ideas! The mom’s journal and handmade gifts would be my mum’s favourite for sure x

    1. Thanks, Cristina for your feedback.

  4. These are such amazing, thoughtful gifts.

    What an amazing post, celebrating mummies. We should do more of it!

    1. Absolutely. More love to all the mums out there. Thanks for your feedback.

  5. Amanda says:

    I love having my kids make handmade cards for the holidays! Homemade gifts are the best. Wonderful list!

    1. Anything made by kids with love is most precious. Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Lindsay P says:

    These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your feedback

  7. Courtney says:

    I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing this list!

    1. Thanks, Courtney for your feedback.

  8. Such a great idea. That way single one parent moms get something too….

    1. Absolutely. Thanks for your lovely feedback.

  9. Handmade brownies are good for may occasion. I absolutely love a brownie, especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

    1. I also love brownies. Thanks for your feedback.

  10. Beautiful post. I love handmade gifts, I think they are precious. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes. I also love handmade gifts, especially personalised ones. Thank you so much for your feedback.

  11. Mothers are some incredible creature. She not only truly love and appreciate little efforts of her kids but also return it by doubling it. May God bless all moms long and healthy life.

    1. Thank you Ayesha for your feedback. I am glad you liked the post.

  12. Some lovely ideas you’ve got here, scented candles are always my goto haha!

    1. Thanks Sammi

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