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Ultimate Father’s Day Gifts Guide – For 16 Different Dad Types

Dad Type

Hey Friends, Great to see you here. Especially since Father’s Day is just round the corner.

So what do we normally think of when we think about Father’s Day?

Father’s Day gifts? That’s it?

Well, I think just thinking of Father’s Day as synonymous with Father’s Day gifts would be a bit of a cliché.

And now, since Father’s Day is just a few days away, let’s see how the role of a Father has changed or evolved with time.

Lately, I was just wondering as to how the role of Dads has changed over different generations. I remember in my childhood days, dads were more of just the bread earner types & moms were the ones to take care of kids.

But with changing times, there has been a change or shift in the role of a dad. A Father is no longer just a bread earner in the house. He has much more to contribute.

Today’s Dad, I think is more engaging with kids. Of course, there are exceptions. But by far, I think Dad’s today are more as a friend to their kids than what dads were during my childhood days (circa 80s -90s)

So lets see the different Dad types that we can spot in today’s times & what kind of gift items they might like this Father’s Day.

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1. Gamer Dad

In today’s digital & technology age kids are found playing more on their consoles & mobile than on a playground. So this Gamer Dad joins in with his kids in their playroom & plays the kind of games his kids like to play.

Probable gifts that this dad would like:

2. Workaholic Father

Well, not all dads will get down and play with their kids. Some dads just can’t be bothered. They will keep doing their work no matter what. So that’s your workaholic dad.

Probable gifts that this dad would like :

3. Gardener Father

Gardener Father
Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Who loves gardening? Well, certainly our next dad type. Right from the sowing of seeds to watering the plants, lawn mowing & everything gardening is what our Gardener Father would love to do. And he will not hesitate to tag along with kids in gardening work. Also, gardening helps your anxiety.

Any guesses what gifts a Gardener Father would love? Lets see

4. Happy -go-lucky Father

Oh I love these kinds of Dads. They are just happy whatever happens. I feel they are the most optimistic dad types. They like to live their life to the fullest each day as it comes. They are a no stress dad. Also, it is not very difficult to please such a father. Who would not love this Happy-Go-Lucky Father?

Let’s find what gifts he would like.

5. Strict Father

Now as the name says it all, this Dad type is more of a serious type. Almost opposite of our chilled Happy-Go-Lucky Dad type. He is a dad who will not take any kind of nonsense & can be a bit hard to please. But surely he will love gifts too. Who doesn’t?

So lets see what our Strict Father will like. May be we can choose something that can help soothe him down ????

6. Emotional & Loving Father

Emotional Father

I have clubbed Emotional & Loving together because they both are quiet similar. A Loving dad is Emotional & an Emotional dad is Loving. These types of dads have a very close bond with their kids. They are very caring by nature & want the best for their little babies.

So, what do you think an Emotional & Loving Father would like as gifts? Lets see.

7. Dramatic Father

Hmmmm well who loves some drama in their house? The Dramatic Dad types will surely love that. This type of dads tend to act & do things in an over the top manner. They tend to be loud & pompous creating a very dramatic effect.

So what gifts will a Dramatic Father like? Well maybe these –

8. Super Relaxing Father

Now this type of dad is more of a cool dad. They are relaxed (lazy at times) who do things at their own leisure time. These are the ones who like to procrastinate things. Beware & remind them of the Fees deadline. Just kidding ????

So what do you gift a Super Relaxing Father?

  • How about some Sleepwear/Pyjamas for our Relaxing Dad Type
  • Check out the lovely Bean Bag – Super Relaxing
  • How about these different Relaxing Neck & Back Massagers

9. DIY Father

I love this DIY Dad types. They are just so handy. You want to get anything done, he is your man. Literally!! Get things sorted in a jiffy.

What gifts will you buy for a DIY Father?

10. Bookworm Father

Our next Dad type is a avid reader. No matter what his head will be found inside a book. He may be anywhere but will always have his books with him. Even in the toilet.

So what gift can you think for a Bookworm Father for Father’s Day?

  • Books:

11. Adventure Father

Father's Day gift

I am sure kids will love this Dad type. The Adventure type of Father is one who loves going on adventures & travel to different places. This kind of dad is looking for excuses to go on a holiday. So tell me, which kid will not like going on holidays?

And what kind of gift will this Adventure Father will like? Let’s explore

12. Superhero Father (Movie Buff) 

Wow Superhero Father? That’s nice. I am a movie buff myself & I would love to be treated with nice movies every now & then. I am sure the kids of a Movie Buff Father must be feeling the same.

So what are we gifting our Super Hero Father?

  • Superhero mug
  • TV & Film Tours
  • How about Amazon Prime Video Channels. I am sure our Superhero Dad Type will love binge watching these channels. Click the banner to check out their ongoing deals.

13. Eco Friendly Dad

Beware of anything Non Eco Friendly. Dad might not like it. Not that Eco Friendly Dad are not the cool types. They love lot of tech gifts which are eco friendly

  • Check out these Eco friendly products

14. Soccer Dad

Some dads are okay if you suck at sports but for some it may hurt their soul. That’s your sports enthusiast Soccer Dad type. These type of dads encourage there kids to participate in all different kinds of sports activities. They take active interest themselves in the overall fitness of their kids and the entire family.

Lets find what gifts can be given to this active Soccer Dad types on Father’s Day

15. The Forgetful Father

Yes, you read it right. We also have a Forgetful Father. Let’s hope he doesn’t get another kid home from school thinking that’s his kid. Jokes apart, you really need to watch over these kinds of dads because their forgetfulness can cost you dearly. So do you have an absentminded father who does not remember important occasions, passwords, etc? You need to find the right gift for him to help him remember these things.
So let’s get something that will help a Forgetful Father where his stuff is ????

16. Spiritual Father

We also have Spiritual Father who is happy in having inner peace & harmony. Who loves to meditate & do some yoga. Loves to strive for his betterment & the betterment of his family through soul searching. He loves to contribute positivity within the society at large & helps his kids be better human beings.

What can be an ultimate gift for a Spiritual Father on this Father’s Day

I am sure an person who loves to meditate will love any of these following gifts

Father's Day

Well, now that we know these different dad types, this blog should help you find the Perfect gift for your dad on this Father’s Day.

Do let me know what you think about these Dad types & if these gifts are suitable.

Also, you are very welcome to let me know if you have a yet another different kind of dad. Comment and let me know all about it.

Eagerly waiting for all your feedback. See you in the next blog. Till then Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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  1. Wonderful gift ideas! You really have something for everyone. You’ve given me some great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this guide!

  2. The password reminder is great for my dad. All of these gift ideas are great.

    1. Yes, even I love it. Nowadays we have so many different social media accounts & remembering all those passwords is really a task. I would even buy one for myself ????
      Thanks for your feedback.

  3. I have a soccer dad, so now I know what I can get him! Thank you Rupali, this list was amazing x

    1. Hey That’s great Simona 🙂 I am glad the list is helpful.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  4. There’s truly something on this list to make any father’s day memorable, special!

    1. Yes, that’s true. Thank you for your feedback.

  5. This list was great! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Kimberly for your feedback

  6. Great post – you’ve covered a really broad range here! Personally my dad’s really into superheroes, so I’ll definitely be using your suggestions! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you for your feedback

      1. The gift ideas are great, but the names for Dads thrilled me! My girls dad is a happy, emotional, adventurist, soccer, eco friendly… I just see how many diversitis in one father.

        1. Oh, that’s fantastic. Your girls are definitely very lucky. Bless them ????????????

  7. I’d fall in to the movie-buff and happy-go lucky categories. Great gift idea.

    1. My hubby will fall in those categories too 🙂 Thanks for your feedback.

  8. Kimmy says:

    So many good ideas!

    1. Thanks for your feedback.

  9. I think the super relaxing ideas are perfect for the workaholic dad. maybe then he will slow down. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Elise for your feedback.

  10. Aw this is such a lovely post, thank you for sharing! I love that you split it up into different categories depending on their interests or personality 🙂

    1. Thanks Eleanor for reading & sharing your feedback.

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