Newborn Baby Care Tips

Ultimate Guide On Your Newborn Baby Care Tips

Newborn Baby Care Tips

Time to hold your baby ????

Finally after all the efforts & tears of happiness you have your bundle of joy, Your Newborn Baby in your arms. Sink it in. This is the time you have been waiting for all these nine months. To see & hold your baby in your arms. To feel your baby, feel those little fingers trying to grab your finger, feel those twinkling eyes look at the world in bewilderment, feel the feeling of calling your baby as your OWN.

  I feel the feeling of your heart,
 I feel the skip of beat in my heart,
 I feel the feeling when I gave you birth
 I feel like its my own new birth
 So thank you my baby for this wonderful feeling
 I will be ever so indebted to God for this ethereal feeling
By -  Rupali Paul (Mom Kid Life) 

Well, the moment you have been waiting forever is finally here & so are some unsettling questions.

Am I  holding the baby properly? How should I feed my baby? Will my baby get enough milk? How should I change the diaper? How should I bathe my baby? How should I massage my baby?

So many questions running in your brain. RELAX

It’s not all that difficult. You will get there & get there well. Just be aware that whenever you have any doubt about anything relating to baby PLEASE ASK your Doctor or midwife or pediatrician.

So lets start with the Basics of taking care of your Newborn Baby Care Tips

How to Hold Your Newborn Baby

hold your newborn
How to Hold Newborn Baby

Newborn babies are so soft & delicate that even experienced moms & dads can find it very overwhelming to hold their baby. So it is very obvious that new moms can be a bit stressed out.

But there is no need to worry & panic.

Go through our different styles of Holding Newborn Baby Guide. In this article I have compiled all the essential Basics of Newborn Baby Care. You can go through each of them one by one.

So lets start first with Guide on How to Hold your Newborn Baby in Safe & Effective Ways

Firstly wash or sanitize your hands before you hold your baby as your baby’s immune system has not yet developed. Always ensure to provide support to the baby’s head while you are picking up or holding him or her.

So, now lets go through different styles of holding your Newborn Baby.

You can click on the links for more information

Now that you know about How to HOLD your NEWBORN BABY, lets move on to another section in Newborn Baby Care Tips

How to Bathe your Newborn Baby

Newborn Bath guide
Baby Bath Guide

Sponge Bath – A good start to a newborn baby bath

Giving your newborn baby a regular bath

Is there any best time to bathe baby?

So far we have seen how to Hold your Newborn Baby & How to Bathe your Newborn Baby. Now lets see some more Newborn Baby Tips for Changing your Newborn’s diaper.

Newborn Baby Diaper Change

Newborn Diaper Changing
Newborn Baby Diaper Change

So lets start with some Basics of Diaper Changing

Baby diaper change can be surprising for many first-time parents as they see how many diapers they go through in a day. To make life easier for yourself, have plenty of diapers on hand before you bring your baby home.

Step-by-step guide to baby diaper change

I have given below the steps of diaper changing. Follow these steps for a happy baby diaper changing experience for you & your newborn baby. For more information on them please click the link & you will be taken to the relevant information.

Let’s see a video to get a better idea on Baby Diaper Change

Well good luck with Happy Baby Diapering

So far, we have covered these three topics:

Tips on How to Hold your Newborn

Tips on How to Bathe your Newborn

Tips on How to Change your Newborn’s Diaper

Now lets go ahead and learn more about Feeding your Baby – Breastfeeding Basic Tips.

Breastfeeding Tips & Significance

Before we go to Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms or Experienced Moms lets go through the Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Benefits

Breastfeeding Benefits
Breastfeeding Benefits

Breastfeeding can be a bit difficult & might take a little time to get a hang of it. So some moms can get a bit dissuaded & may be out off from breastfeeding. Hence, it is of prime importance to know the benefits of breastfeeding for a new mom & newborn.

Here is a List of some Important Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding benefits
Breastfeeding benefits for Mom and Baby

Now lets go to Breastfeeding Tips for New & Experienced Moms.

Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding can be confusing, discouraging & challenging not just for new moms but also for some experienced moms. But, with some help from your midwife or lactation specialist, it is not something that is difficult to overcome. It is absolutely normal to feel & have all those anxieties & nervousness.

Breastfeeding Tips
Breastfeeding Tips

Here are 13 Best & Useful Breastfeeding Tips

For more information on each one click on the links:

So now you are well versed with Breastfeeding Benefits & Tips. All the Best with a well fed & happy Baby and a smiling Mom

Did you know your Breast Milk has some cool uses. Lets find that by clicking below:

10 cool uses for breastmilk that you probably didn’t know about (

In the next section of Newborn Baby Care Tips lets find out more about soothing your crying baby.

Best Guide to Soothing Your Baby

Newborn Baby Care Tips -Soothing your Baby
Soothing Crying Baby

Everyone likes a happy & smiling baby. A newborn baby brings a lot of excitement & happiness to the whole family. But, there are times when the baby can get cranky and keep crying. Now how will you soothe and comfort a crying baby?

Why your Baby is Crying?

So the first thing that you must find out is – Why is my baby crying ?

There could be different situations wherein your baby might cry. Let’s go through them and see how you can try soothing your baby in these scenarios. You can click on each of these scenarios to know more about them in detail.

Now that you know the scenarios in which your baby can cry & when you will need to soothe your baby.

Ways to Soothe your Newborn Baby

Given below are different ways in which you can soothe or calm your baby:

  1. Breastfeeding a hungry baby
  2. Try giving your baby a pacifier
  3. Try comforting baby by holding your baby on your shoulder
  4. Rocking baby in a rocker or using a rocking chair
  5. Sing or talk softly to your baby
  6. Gently rub your baby’s back
  7. Try holding your baby in different positions & see which is the most comfortable position for soothing your baby
  8. Sometimes even a warm bath can help soothe your baby
  9. You can also try giving your baby a nice moisturizing massage
  10. Change diaper at regular intervals
  11. In case your baby has got diaper rashes, try applying a good diaper rash cream.
  12. Try massaging tummy for a fussy baby
  13. You can also try burping your baby which helps your baby to calm down.
  14. Swinging from side to side slowly
  15. Swaddling
  16. Check the temperature in case your baby is not well & call the doctor if required.

So these were some important Newborn Baby Care Tips.

It is not necessary that you will all have same scenarios or will even go through same experience.

Every Baby is different & unique. And so is very MOM and her experiences. Go with the flow. Understand all the cues that your baby will keep giving you throughout their caring process.

Don’t give up on any efforts.

Don’t give up on caring for your BABY

Don’t give up on BEING MOM

– Rupali Paul (Mom Kid Life)

That’s the only Best Tip that anyone can give you.

Trust yourself & your instincts & everything will fall in place.

Newborn Care Tips
Newborn Care Tips

Share with me your experiences of Caring for your Newborn Baby by commenting below. Did you go through any difficulty or was as natural as it could be. I am waiting to hear your story.

Comment Now & share your story.

If you feel you want to share your story via email please feel free to email me at

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    1. Oh yes. That is so true. How much ever prepared you are you can still lose out something in the last minute.
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